AZW is the format used in Kindle eBooks and is a flagship of Amazon. Most of these files are DRM protected and the same needs to be eliminated in order to enjoy them. Furthermore, they can be accessed only on specific eReaders. In order to make them more compatible, they need to be converted to a format like ePub. The latter is an open and free standard for eBooks and supports several platforms such as Apple devices, Nook, Android, etc. Therefore, the Free AZW to ePub Converter can prove to be very handy. The one feature which sets the ePub format apart from others is that it has the capacity to adjust the font size of the content depending on the device and hence, users find it very convenient. Speaking of the software, it is very easy to use and even novices can comprehend it in the first instance. This small sized app can be downloaded and installed onto any device that runs on Windows OS. There is no need of any additional requirements. The fact that it is free from malware and adware adds up to the whole package. All the functions in the Free AZW to ePub Converter are laid out in a clear manner on the interface. With just a few clicks, users can get top quality ePub files. Once the tool is initiated, all that they need to do is to add the files that need converting. Since it supports batch conversions, a number of files can be added in one go and this saves a lot of time and effort. Users can add or remove any files from the list, as deemed necessary. The output folder has to be selected next and the ‘Convert’ button on the Free AZW to ePub Converter will take it further.