Though AZW and Mobi are file formats for eBooks used by Kindle devices, there are a few distinctive features in each of them. The first and probably the most significant of all is the DRM protection. AZW is DRM protected whilst Mobi is not. Both of them are supported by Kindle platforms. However, the latter is a much more popular format when it comes to eReaders. The Free AZW to Mobi Converter is a very convenient tool indeed for all those who have a lot of books in the former file type and wish for them to be converted to the latter. It has been designed in a very simple manner with no confusing settings. Therefore, someone who is new to the converter technology would also find it very easy to use. The fact that the original layout and quality are not tampered with during and after the process is another advantage. It is a standalone app that does not require any additional specifications. Being a light weight tool, it requires very less disk space and system resources. There are a host of features which make the software one of the better known products. The first one is the download process. The Free AWZ to Mobi Converter is a clean tool and does not contain any malware. It takes just a few minutes to install it onto any device that runs on Windows OS. Secondly, the user friendly interface is ideal for any eBook lovers. The main menu contains all the functions in the form of buttons and with just a few clicks, anyone of them can be put to use. Batch conversion mode is enabled and users can convert several files simultaneously. Finally, the speed with which the Free AZW to Mobi Converter works is also impressive.