The Free AVI to WMV Converter is a very handy tool to convert AVI files to WMV. Though AVI is a popular format, it has its limitations when it comes to compatibility and quality. WMV files are more versatile than AVI files and can be played on more platforms. WMV is basically the default platform for all Windows devices, including phones, which is one reason why this tool is considered so useful. The Free AVI to WMV Converter is very easy to operate. Novices who have no prior experience dealing with such tools can also get the job done in the first instance. It also takes up minimal disk space. The user interface is quite straight forward. Users need to run the converter, click on the ‘input’ box, browse through the computer files and upload the files that they wish to convert. After this, they can select and change the order of conversion of files. If there are any files that they wish to view immediately, they can be placed first in the queue. There are many options made available to people in the Free AVI to WMV Converter. They can choose where to save the converted files. Though the application remembers the last used location, users have the option to change it whenever they wish to. They can also modify the output quality and resolution. For example, for viewing on a computer, one can choose a higher resolution; whilst for a mobile phone, a lower resolution can be selected. After all this is accomplished, the user needs to click on ‘Convert Now’. Depending on the number of files to be converted and the file size, the Free AVI to WMV Converter takes anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to change all the files.