Free WMF to PDF Converter

In order to convert graphical images in the WMF format to PDF documents, the Free WMF to PDF converter can be considered. It is a very convenient tool that can be used by anyone. Even those who do not have any experience of handling such c onverter software can comprehend it in the first instance. It can convert multiple WMF images into a single PDF file with ease and that too, without taking much time. An interesting feature of this tool is that there is no need to download any Adobe apps f or its usage. It is a standalone program that does not need any additional specifications. The Free WMF to PDF converter can be best described as a virtual printer that just needs a few clicks to get the job done. The original layout of the source files is kept intact during the conversion and the resultant PDF files are of top quality. It even compresses the file size of the output so as to save on the disk space. Users can add passwords as well in order to protect their files without any hitches. If there are a number of WMF files in different locations, all of them can be merged into one folder within a few seconds. Adding watermarks to the PDF files is also enabled in the Free WMF to PDF converter. Parameters such as resolution, layout (landscape or port rait), file resizing, rotating the images, etc, can be modified before the conversion process is started. Once all the settings are ready, users just have to click on the �convert� button i n order to start the process. The progress bar will let them know t he time remaining in getting the job finished. Users can access the output folder from the in terface itself once the conversion is donDownload