Free Word to JPEG Converter

Converting images in a Word file to JPEG has become a simple process with the help of the Free Word to JPEG Converter. It takes lesser time and effort and the output quality is also high. Anyone who has such a requirement on a regular basis can consider this app which is for free. It can be downloaded without any registrations and sign ups. There is no need for any additional specifications apart from a device that runs on Windows OS. This compatible tool can be used for personal as well as professional purposes. There are no trial versions of the app and it is available in its complete form. Once the Free Word to JPEG Converter is installed, it can be used for as long as there is a requirement. The app is free from any malware and this makes it a safe alternative. The size of the file is yet another advantage. It is small and requires lesser disk space. It can even be transferred to an external hard disk and used on other devices when required. All it requires is a few clicks and the work is done. There are several attractive features of the software which are worth a mention. The first one is that the output can be customized. This is to ensure that the resultant images are as per the requirements of the users. Things such as the destination folder, the image size and resolution are some of the many parameters which can be modified. The Free Word to JPEG Converter allows users to batch convert several files in one go and this is the second advantage. Apart from this there is an �auto shutdown� option. When this is checked, the device shuts down automatically once the conversion is over and saves power.