Free Unfriend Finder

There may be times in which users will find no notifications from a few of their friends for quite some time. Instead of trying to find out the reason and who all are no longer in the friends’ list, downloading the Free Unfriend Finder is the easy way out. It is a small program that can be downloaded and installed within a few minutes. Users can do the same using Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox without any issues. Once this is done, they can find out all those who have ‘unfriended’ them with the help of notifications. Though it is a simple and straight forward tool, the Free Unfriend Finder is quite popular amongst all those who use Facebook. This is the only way to know the names of all those friends who are no longer interested in your friendship and you will be aware of the same whenever there is such an action. It is ideal for anyone who wishes to know who their actual friends are on Facebook since the notifications are real time. Users will even be notified whenever a friend disables his or her account completely. The user interface of this software is quite simple and anyone can use the same even if it is for the first time. There is a set of instructions which tells the user how to make the most of this Free Unfriend Finder and therefore, there is nothing which can go wrong in the same. Since this feature is not made available by Facebook, users can still be aware of the same with this tool. It is safe and does not hamper the performance of the devices it is used on. The fact that it is free is something that users like about this software.