Free Typing Test

The Free Typing Test is a software program that facilitates users to check the typing skills and speed. The typing test app helps users to evaluate the level of typing skills. This free software app has a simple and easy-to-use interface. The software allows the users to measure the accuracy and counts words per minute. The Free Typing Test app offers multi-user support and therefore users can create multiple profiles easily. The Typing Test app features two simple modes namely test and practice. The test results can be saved in a file for future references. It can also be printed. This software program allows the users to choose any sample text which is loaded into the program. Apart from that, the users can also add customized files in TXT format. The free program allows users to create new test at any time. The Free Typing Test offers solutions to the users to print a certificate with the name, date, duration of the test, time, typing speed, net speed and accuracy. It also shows the total number of errors. The program offers tests of different durations. Users can take tests with no timers. The Free Typing test app is a simple software program that enables users to learn the art of typing quickly. The software interface is a simple window which is quite easy to comprehend. The program includes a small window which displays the Keystrokes per Minute, Time, Words per Minute and the Errors. There are options to exit the application or take the test again. This free software app helps users to improve the typing speed and offers straight forward solution to improve typing skills. The program also offers solutions to practice alpha numeric entry. The Free Typing Test software app can be installed easily.