Free PSD Viewer

The Free PSD Viewer is a simple and easy to use software application which enables the users to view PSD images. This free app has a user friendly interface which allows both beginners and advanced users to save the images into various other formats quite easily. Users can easily zoom, resize, rotate and convert the images. The Free PSD Viewer features various standard options which are quite easy to set. Once this free software app is installed, a file browser emerges which can be used to select the PSD file that needs to be converted. The software application offers support to convert the PSD files to .JPG, .BMP, .GIF, .TIFF and .PNG. The format of the PSD image can be altered easily by converting into any of these formats. Users can change the format by selecting the folder, extension and file name. The images can be rotated clockwise and anti-clockwise using this free software tool. Users can also zoom and pan the images by dragging the mouse on the image. With the help of the Free PSD Viewer, users can alter the orientation of the picture. It is also possible to fit the images into screen margins by resizing it. This free viewer facilitates users to view the width and height of the PDS image. This software app can be minimized to the task bar and therefore it seldom disrupts other activities. The Free PSD Viewer is simple and easy to use. The users can easily open the PDS image, resize or zoom it and then save it in the required format. The software app includes a simple and easy interface which is quick and stable. The PSD images can be accessed easily without the need to configure any type of additional setting.