Free Tiff Viewer

The Free TIFF Viewer facilitates users to open, view, edit and scan TIFF files. It is a simple, clean and intuitive program. The users are allowed to magnify, skip pages and move to the beginning or end of the document. The program also allows the users to skip between various TIFF files located in the same folder. This free software program can also be used to work with various other types of files such as PDF, FAX, BMP, RAW and many more. The program also offers quick access to the files and therefore it is quite easy to select the files that need to be processed. The Free TIFF Viewer also supports various other features such as rotate and flip photo to various angles, zoom in and zoom out pictures, alter the resolution, view the size, color and information about photos. The Free TIFF Viewer also facilitates various editing options such as copy, paste and delete. Users can also cut, merge and split TIFF files and work with multiple pages simultaneously. This free viewer software includes various other features too. Users can highlight selected areas with different colors. It is also possible to insert rectangles, lines and eclipses. It is easy to whiten user-defined areas with this free software tool. The Free TIFF Viewer application tool provides various parameters which are designed to perform alterations in the background color, border and size of the document. This free software application is a simple program with many attractive features. This program also manages images with an apt feature to remove lines and black borders. The Free TIFF Viewer enables the users to view and modify TIFF files and other image formats. It is also easy to scan letters and documents with the use of this free viewer tool. The tool can be used to export TIFF files into PDF format.