Free PDF to CCITT Converter

Free PDF to CCITT CCITT is an extension of the TIFF file type and is mostly used to transmit faxes. Since it supports images as well, it is quite a significant format for many professionals. In order to convert PDF files to the same, the Free PDF to CCIT T converter should be considered. This is a simple tool that enables the conversion process in very less time. It has a host of features which makes it one of the better known products in the internet database. Being a light weight tool, it does not take u p much disk space. During the conversion process, it uses low or moderate amount of its resources. The tool is quite flexible as it can be downloaded onto any PC or laptop that runs on Windows OS. The fact that the resultant CCITT files are of top quality and there is no loss in this regard is yet another benefit. The Free PDF to CCITT converter has a very simple user interface which anyone can comprehend. Once it is installed and initiated, users need to add the files that need converting onto the software . They can even add the complete folder accordi ng to their requirements. It supports batch conversion and hence, a number of files can be added at one go. Parameters such as resolution, layout (landscape or portrait), resizing the images, etc, can be custo mized with just a few clicks . The users then need to specify the page range so that only those pages that are necessary can be converted. The Free PDF to CCITT converter allows them to delete the source files or move them to a different destination. The CC ITT files can be saved in a folder of their choice. The progress bar at the bottom of the interface allows users to be aware of the time taken for conversion