Free PDF to CCITT Converter

The CCITT file type is predominantly used in facsimiles. It is a type of TIFF file which supports compresses images that are in black and white and stores them. Though its usage is widespread, there may be instances in which users have t o convert them to the standard PDF format. In order to achieve the same effortlessly, the Free CCITT to PDF converter comes across as a very handy tool. There are a host of features which make it an even better choice. It is absolutely free of cost without any hidden charges. There is an absence of malware or adware and therefore, it does affect the security of the device. Equipped with a straight forward interface and simple design, it has been so designed that even a novice user will not come across any i ssues. The quality of the files is also not lost during and after the conversion which is another significant benefit. It takes just a few minutes for this freeware to get the job done. Once it is installed onto any device that runs on Windows OS, users ca n start the process immediately. The first thing to do is to add the CCITT images onto the Free CCITT to PDF converter. Since the tool supports batch conversion, any number of files can be added and converted in one go. Apart from adding individual files, users can even choose to add a complete folder to the list. They can even remove some or clear the entire list with just a click each. The saves files can be saved in the source folder. They can even be saved in a destination folder of the users´┐Ż choice. W hen the conversion is completed, users can open the files from the interface itself. The Free CCITT to PDF converter is worthDownload