Free Heart

A Hearts Game that Builds on the Classic Version

Heart game is a card game on which you would be trying for minimum points by steering clear of heart, especially Queen of spades. This game contains the best graphics and controls, tough settings, and a couple of other game modes.

Fun and Easy Game

It is an easy game and you can enjoy it any time when you would like to play it. The best advantage of this game is that it is available for both computers and mobile devices. This game mange a few additional elements, and elegant for its users and it maintains the classic rules. If you have played this game before then controls work well. If you are a new player of this game then the detail of gameplay is available with the game. In this detail, you can become the best player of this game and enjoy it.   

Lasting Entertainment

This may be simple but it takes much time to complete. We can give an example that it takes a long time to come end than the season of solitaire. Different gameplay settings help you to get drive additional value. A statistics tracker is present in this game who helps you to get track of the number of games you have won or lost. There are two additional gaming modes: omnibus mode and Hooligans mode really add more versatility to this game.

The heart is an “evasion type” trick game and four-player can play on it, although there is an adjustment between three and six-player. It was created the first time in American in the 1880s and there are many variants, some of these are” Heart”, these particularly included Black lady and Black Maria. The original game of Hearts is completely superposed by a Black lady in the united states and Black Maria in Britain.


  • Easily and intuitive controller for cards
  • Best sound and visuals effects for the user


  • There is no mode for multiplayer
  • The difficulty level may be tough