Free Chess

Play the timeless strategy game

Free chess is a simulator of the classic board game chess. You can play it alone against the computer or with a local friend. If you are a new player or master of this game, Free Chess is a lightweight, fast download, and brush up the oldest strategy game.

Master the game of kings

Free chess is a famous board game and provides little more offers what it says on the tin. Some might criticize free chess and add nuance, while others will appreciate the product by adding unneeded glitz. If you are looking best chess feature-heavy experience then other varieties of chess are available here.

There is a lack of pictures backgrounds and attack animation of Chess 3D in free chess. The only altered aesthetic of free is an option that converts a simplistic 2D to 3D. This remembers us of older digital chess games like BabaChess.

Less distraction, more chess

Free Chess is no empty of any extra added features, however, they just not want to add anything in the way of customization or flashy visuals.IT is even ad-free, unlike competitor3D chess. For new players, free chess also has the option to undo your previous move. This recommends the next move you can make.  

When you start a game in free chess there is a display on the left side that collects moves after the game start. A player can collect this copy at any time during a game and store it on their computer in the form of the documents.

Play any way you want

When you start a game, free chess provides you a chance to choose one of ten difficulty level from beginner to impossible. It depends on your choice, what level you select to play a game. Most players do not know about the top three or four tiers of difficulty even the easy settings are available on which we won a decent fight. Unfortunately, there is no tutorial for the new players so they are away from luck.

There is the best chance for players on free chess that allows its player to choose the level of difficulty and players can choose which side they want to play. If you do not want to play, you just want to spectate and watch sparks fly then you can set the computer to the battle itself.

Players can play online chess in a multiplayer form on BabaChess but Free Chess does not allow online multiplayer. It allows playing human vs human and there are two pieces white and black for control.

Minimalist chess

The sound effects of Free Chess are boring and grating, sounding like alarm tones for cell phones. You are lucky because you can turn off them via the game options menu. Three are four different languages are available in Free Chess in which included English, Spanish, Catalan, and Bosque. They can choose any language from here.

Perfect your tactics with this free app

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  • There are no ads are available here.
  • User may save all his progress
  • Adjustable difficulty
  • User face adjustable difficulty
  • It can be download easily.


  • There is a lack or missing of audio
  • There is a lack of extra features
  • Multiplayers cannot play it.