Free Encrypt PDF

All those who work with PDF documents on a daily basis will understand the importance of encrypting in order not to allow any editing functions by a third party. To make the process simpler, the Free Encrypt PDF should be considered. Be i t copying, opening, printing or making any changes, there are different levels of restrictions which users can apply and this tool does the same within a matter of a few seconds. It is a light weight tool that does not take up much disk space and can be do wnloaded and installed in very simple steps. Just by having a PC or laptop that runs on Windows OS is enough to get the software to work. The fact that anyone can use it without any glitches is another advantage. The Free Encrypt PDF is a clean app without any malware or adware and hence, it does not hamper the speed and performance of the system it is used on. It enables them to add different passwords for users and owners, thus making it very practical. This means that only the correct password will allow someone to open and view its contents and there is another one for editing and printing options. Depending on the requirements, users can make the most of this tool. The interface is also very straight forward with no complex settings. Generating password s is child�s play with the Free Encrypt PDF and since it supports any type of such documents (compressed, etc,), this can prove to be very useful for many users. The tool has a �help� file which can be referred to in case of any hitches. It is an intuitive tool that has been designed to cater to a large number of people worldwide and is one of the better known products in the internet database