Free EMF to PDF Converter

EMF is an image format developed and owned by Microsoft. It supports graphics and if the same needs to be converted to PDF, the Free EMF to PDF converter is an ideal choice. Since the former format includes both vector and bitmap features, it becomes very important to have software that ensures that these characteristics are not lost during conversion. The tool has been designed keeping this in mind and there is no loss in the quality. It is a standalone tool that does not require any addit ional requirements for the job to be accomplished and hence, is quite a handy tool. It is a very light weight app that does not hamper the speed and performance of the device it is downloaded onto. The Free EMF to PDF converter can be used by anyone. Even those who have no experience of using such software will find it quite convenient. The main menu contains all the options in a clear layout. Users can add individual files or complete folders onto the interface with just a few clicks. They can even remove some or all of them, move up and down the list and use the advanced options as well. These include adding a title, watermark, changing the subject and author details and specifying a keyword. Apart from these there are two other interesting features in the Free EMF to PDF converter. The first one is that once the output folder is selected and the converted copies saved here, the tool is enabled to open the resultant PDF file automatically. Secondly, the file can be made into a slideshow by checking the rele vant option. There is a preview window on which users can check the quality of the images. Therefore, it is a comprehensive tool that works effectively .