Free Xml Formatter

As the name suggests, the Free XML Formatter allows users to format their XML files so as to make them readable and usable. There are a number of editing options available and hence, it can prove to be very handy for all software professionals. It is a simple to use app which makes it an ideal choice for novices. There are no complex settings and thanks to a user friendly interface, it becomes much easier to comprehend the tool. Users do not have to pay anything in order to make the most of this app. It is absolutely free of cost. Since it is a standalone piece of software, there is no need for any additional specifications as well. The Free XML Formatter is a light weight tool that works well with lesser disk space. It requires low to moderate amount of system resources and hence, does not affect the speed and performance of the device. The installation process in itself is safe as there is no malware or adware in the file. Once this is accomplished, users can choose any editing functions from amongst the list. The attributes can be modified and so can the tables. Syntax highlighting is yet another option which is very essential when it comes to such files. There is an auto correction feature which has been so designed that the language is corrected on a real time basis, as and when it is being typed. The Free XML Formatter is equipped with the ‘drag and drop’ facility for the benefit of the users. The level of indentation can also be customised with this tool so that the spaces are as per the users’ requirements. Anyone with a device that runs on Windows OS can download it. This is indeed a complete app with a host of features.