Free XLS Viewer

The free XLS viewer is a software tool that is specifically designed to open, view and print excel documents. This software program is seamless which can be used with ease and comfort. The free XLS viewer facilitates the users to display CSV and XLS file content without the need to install Microsoft Excel. This software program has a plain and simple layout which is easy to use and comprehend. The program allows the users to open excel spreadsheet with the use of file browser. However, the program hardly supports the drag and drop method. This program can be run as a desktop application. The free XLS viewer app displays the images clearly and precisely. This free software program also offers the viewers with a variety of viewing options. This viewer can also print normally. It is quite easy to use this free software app as it has a simple and easy to understand interface. The free XLS viewer is an ideal software tool to view files without the need to install Microsoft Excel. It is basically a stand alone software tool that can be used easily. This free software program supports various languages such as English, Chinese, German, Japanese and so forth. The free XLS viewer software facilitates users to view and print the excel sheets with considerable ease and efficiency. This remarkable software tool is quite easy to use. The program includes only a few simple steps. The users can click open and choose the excel files that need to be viewed. The free XLS viewer can easily display the selected file quickly and easily. This software program supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000 and Windows XP formats.