FLAC or Free Audio Lossless Audio Codec is one of the more popular audio formats from amongst the list. WMA is also known for its quality. However, it is uncompressed and requires a lot of space. In order to save on disk space and not compromise on the quality, the files can be converted to FLAC. For all such purposes, the Free WMA to FLAC Converter is an ideal choice. It is software that is simple to use and has a host of features which make it even better. There are no hidden charges or trial versions of this app and it can be downloaded onto any laptop or desktop that runs on Windows OS. The installation does not take more than a few minutes, thanks to a small file size and absence of viruses. It requires low to moderate amount of system resources. However, the time taken for the conversion is less and the quality is not compromised in any way. It is safe, effective and flexible. Once the Free WMA to FLAC Converter has been installed, users can start uploading their files immediately. It is a standalone app and does not require any additional specifications. The files in the list also have all the details displayed for the convenience of the users. The path, file size and album name, etc, can all be checked before proceeding for the conversion. The options ‘add’, ‘remove some’ and ‘remove all’ can be put to use with just a click each. Even the order of conversion can be modified by pushing items up the list. Customisation of the output is also very easy, thanks to the inbuilt audio player in the Free WMA to FLAC Converter. The destination folder can be accessed from the interface itself once the conversion is accomplished.