Free Rar Password Unlocker

The free RAR password unlocker tool is basically a software tool that facilitates users to recover passwords which are lost or forgotten. It is mainly designed to work with the RAR archives. This software program offers a user-friendly interface with different options which are organized in the form of tabs in the main window. The free RAR password unlocker tool can be used by beginners and experienced users as it is both simple and intuitive. This software tool utilizes three methods to tackle lost passwords easily. The methods utilized by this software program are Dictionary mode, Brute force and Brute force with user defined mask. The program has an in-built dictionary which is utilized to seek the password combinations. This in-built dictionary can be customized too. The program is designed to save and resume recovery operations when it is interrupted. The free RAR password unlocker tool is easy to operate and free of charges. It includes only a few options or controls which can be identified easily. The main window of this software application has two tabs mainly the search files and the start files. Apart from searching for lost passwords, the free RAR password unlocker tool also searches the computer for archives. The program also includes a help file which can be utilized to run this simple software tool. This software program is quite easy to use and comprehend as it displays the file path and mode of password recovery. The Brute force attack tries all the possible combinations to recover the password. The program allows the users to utilize the built-in dictionary to increase the overall efficiency of this free software application. It is quite easy to navigate through this software program. The users can also resume the last session of the program if it halts in between accidentally.Download