Free PNG to PDF Converter

It is a known fact that PDF is one of the most extensively used formats by professionals from various walks of life. The quality of these files is what makes them so popular and all those who wish to convert their PNG files can c onsider the free PNG to PDF converter. It is software that allows users to conveniently make the conversions without any hassles. As the name suggests, it is free of cost and can be downloaded by anyone who has such a need. It is flexible and can be instal led onto a device that runs on Windows OS. There are many advantages of using this app. It is free of cost and does not require any registrations. Whilst downloading it, there are no instances of malware or adware affecting the system. The app is small in size and hence, does not eat up the disk space. The conversion process in the free PNG to PDF converter is quite simple. All that the users have to do is to upload the PNG files onto the software. They can even add complete folders to it. Once this is acco mplished, they can proceed towards the customization options. Things such as the size, the quality parameters and other features can be modified with just a few clicks. Finally, the destination folder needs to be chosen and the �convert� button pressed. Th e speed with which the same can be accomplished depends on the number of files that have been added to the batch. The progress bar allows users to check the time remaining for the task to be completed. Once done, they can access the files from the interfac e itself. The free PNG to PDF converter is a fast and reliable file that gets the job done every time it is used.