free mkv converte

Free MKV Converter is a matroska video converter app with a set a great features. It converts all your HD and SD mkv files to other video formats such as mpg, mov, mp4, avi, wmv and flv file formats. The conversion speed is high and you can copy your converted files to your portable video players easily. The process is also very easy; you simply import your files and specify the output folder. The rest is done by the app. There are no settings available and all conversions are done based on the input file. It means that for example if the input video is 1280×720 then the converted file will be 1280×720 too. The settings are not available because many users are not professionals and only want to convert a file without changing anything. A preview windows is ready to show you the contents of videos with the ability of Play, Stop and Mute the file. Once you have imported files, you can select which one you want to be converted by checking its check box. You can remove files and folders from conversion list too. Some of key features of Free MKV Converter are: