Free Mdi Converter

MDI, also known as Microsoft Document Imaging, are files used to store images and are based on TIFF. If the same have to be converted to other imaging formats such as PDF, JPG, BMP, PNG, etc, the Free MDI Converter is an ideal choice. It is software that is simple to use and very effective in getting the job done. The main advantage of this tool is that users need not install any additional specifications such as MS Office. This is a standalone tool that anyone can make the most of. The file size of the app is very small. It does not eat up the disk space. Therefore, the speed and performance of the PC or laptop are not compromised in any way. The user interface is yet another noteworthy feature. It is user friendly and does not contain any complex settings. The Free MDI Converter has a number of variations when it comes to the functions. Once it is downloaded, all that the users need to do is to add the MDI files onto the interface. This can be done by browsing through the folders of the computer. Any number of files or folders can be added to the list. Since it supports batch conversion, all those images that need to be converted to a single format can be done in one go. This saves a lot of time. There is a preview window for the users. Using this, they can use the zoom in and out functions, rotate the pages and even select certain pages in a file. The Free MDI Converter does its job fast. There is no intermittence of any kind. The output folder can be customised as per the requirement of the users. The same can be accessed from the interface itself.