Free Iso Player

ISO files are archives for various optical disks which act as their backup or used to save space. They are often referred to as ISO images and can even be burnt into CDs, if need be. When such files have to be played on devices, users would require the Free ISO Player software. As the name suggests, it allows them to open, extract and play the content in the files. Apart from this, users can even burn the files and convert them to CDs and DVDs. Therefore, it can be termed as a comprehensive tool that is quite handy. It comes with numerous features which users can make the most of with just a few clicks. Since it is absolutely free of cost, anyone can download it on a system that runs on Windows OS. There is no need for any additional requirements. It is a standalone app that has a clean interface. Being free from any malware or adware, it is one of the better known products from amongst its ilk. The Free ISO Player has a user friendly interface. All the functions are available in the main menu itself. Though there are no complex settings and it has been designed to suit novice users, there is a ‘help’ file available in case of any doubts. Once the software is initiated, users need to select the ISO files which need to be played. When this is done, the path and individual file size is displayed on the screen. The software will then mount them, extract and play them as required. It can even be used to compress and split these files within no time. The Free ISO Player has a progress bar which lets users check the time remaining for the relevant function to be completed.