Free Image Resizer

Free Image Resizer is another image resizer application presented by Free Picture Solutions. It allows you to resize your image alongside editing them very fast and easy. The app has several great feature which makes it one of the best image editors on the internet. Although its main job is to resize images but it also has additional editing functions like Cropping images, Rotate, Flip Horizontally and Vertically, Image Adjustments and some filters like Alpha, Blur, Emboss, Grayscale, Sepia and more. The Resize option makes it easy to resize your images by either specifying Width and Height of the image by Pixel, Millimeter, Centimeter and other units or by selecting from several presets which you can apply easily. The aspect ratio can be locked for viewing images in their normal ratio. A good feature of the app is Batch Resize which allows you to resize multiple images with just one click. This help you to avoid boring actions repeatedly for each resize. You can zoom in and out to change the view. After editing and resizing images you can save them easily. Main features of Free Image Resizer are: