Free Djvu Reader

Djvu is a file format that is used to store scanned documents. It is very effective when the documents contain images, photographs, pictures, etc. Most of the users know this to store electronic books. The format has a unique feature which is very beneficial. It takes up very less space on the hard disk. In order to use this format, the ideal solution is to download the Free Djvu Reader. It is a simple tool that allows users to compress files and view them whenever required. For all those book lovers, this is on software that is very handy as it helps you read them in high quality eBooks. Basically, it is a tool that allows you to open such files, view them and even has the ‘Zoom’ functions, making it quite useful. The Free Djvu Reader even helps the users to locate a certain page quite easily. The user friendly interface allows you to open several tabs at the same time so that you can view them simultaneously. Apart from the above, the thumbnails make it even more attractive. The free software has many other features which make it worthwhile. One of them is that it enables users to copy the text and images in the documents. It is quite easy to download and supports on several Windows Operating Systems. Be it eBooks, pictures, digital images or any other files in the Djvu format the Free Djvu Reader compresses them to very small sized files so that the performance of your device is not affected at all. It is free and there is no risk of any malware at the time of download. The time taken to open and read such files is quite commendable. The Free Djvu Reader is available in a number of languages other than English, which is another positive.