The Free 3GP to WMV Converter is a highly useful tool, to convert 3GP files to WMV. Though 3GP files are functional and mobile friendly, it might not be the best option for use in Windows computers and phones. For this reason, there could be a need to convert 3GP files to WMV format, to make it more accessible for other operating systems and platforms. The Free 3GP to WMV Converter is the best way to do this conversion. The Free 3GP to WMV Converter is very easy to use, for users who are new to computers and software applications as well. Though it is really functional, it takes up hardly any disk space. The procedure to use the Free 3GP to WMV Converter is quite simple and non complex. First, users must install, run and download the program. After this, they need to select the files that they wish to convert and upload them to the converter tool. Users can now alter the priority of conversion according to their needs. The other options available to the user include being able to specify the target folder every time they use this converter. Even though the application would have the last saved location by default, users can change this at any time. The other thing that users can change is video quality and resolution. The video files are displayed even while the conversion is taking place, so users can keep track real time. After all selections are made, users need to click on Convert now and all files will be converted within a few seconds to minutes depending on the number of files and file size. All these features and more make the Free 3GP to WMV Converter a really handy tool, a must have application.