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Tayyab: You want to buy a car but you aren’t sure what can you afford? You feel like you’ll die if you have to calculate auto loan on your own ever again because you fail every time you try? You can stop worrying – we have a perfect solution to your problem. We will like to present you with an intuitive, easy to use Auto Loan Calculator. It’s an application that only takes a few minutes to download and install – but in the long run, it saves you hours of unnecessary trouble. Notice that most calculators are online features but since you have this one on your disk, you have access to it wherever and whenever you want (right from the shortcut on your desktop). Have in mind that even if those categories seem rather obvious, not every car payment calculator feature all of them. As a result, such oversimplified versions fail to give you the whole picture, which you certainly need to make an important decision.

You want to buy a car but you do not know what you afford? For this, you fail whenever you try to calculate auto loan. So, we offer you an auto loan calculator that will stop your worry. You can easily calculate your auto loan calculation on it and it is the best solution to your problem. You can download and install this calculator in a few minutes and save your long time. Many calculators have online features but this is on your disk, therefore, you can use it any time, any place. Seven important parameters included the date of first payment, vehicle price, down payment, trade-in value, sales tax, interest rate, and term of the loan.  If you want to buy a car that has the best feature and has a low price then you need the best loan calculator which calculates your expenditure. The loan calculator shows the payment date, amount, portions applied to interest rate, cumulative interest, and the unpaid loan balance as in chart or in table form. You can see amortization easily because it is shown as a chart and table form in which row showing the payment date, cumulative, interest unpaid loan balance, and many other portions. When you type data on the loan calculator, data is automatically calculated and saved. So, there is no need for any calculate and save button. You can see all your loan calculations in a glance at the card layout. The amortization can be sent over email or any other android device. It can show all loan calculations on one-page on tablets. when you buy an app then this app is supported by this and you remove ads easily. It is an admirable and performance able app and easy can be used.

Key Features

  • When you want to buy your new car, an auto loan calculator specifically gives to help to make better decisions.
  • The auto loan calculator helps you to decide how much your monthly payment is on an auto and how much you afford.
  • You can use it easily, fast, and enter data quickly to calculate the monthly payment on an auto purchase and how much you afford a monthly payment on it.
  • Amortization gives detail about each payment, showing date, interest, principal and, and balance.
  • . Various graphs help visualize and analyze your auto loan from different angles.
  • Various graphs help you to see and analyze a loan.


  • ·        There is no installation needed because it is an excel file
  • It is fully customizable


  • You need to enter data into a loan calculator by hand. •         
  • You need some Excel knowledge