Free Xvideo Downloader

Free Xvideo Downloader is a must-have application for those who watch xvid videos. The name describes it well; its job is to download Xvideo files from internet. Its simplicity makes it a great choice among the video downloader applications. Just copy URL containing video to the application URL section and there you go; the video will be downloaded to your PC. There is a checkbox next to every file which lets you select only those files you want to download. Progress bar shows you the progress of download operation for every file. You can remove all added URLs, some of them or only those which are completed. There is a very useful “Add Bulk Urls” button and its job is to load a list of URLs. Its functionality is smart which means it loads multiple URLs and then starts to process the links. Every processed link will be added to download list after all links are verified. You can change the output folder and number of simultaneous download clicking on Settings button. Once download is finished you can open output folder by clicking “Open Output Folder” and this helps you to find your downloaded files directly.