Free Xvid Player

The free XVID player is a media player that is packed with DivX codecs. This software includes a user friendly interface and therefore it can be easily used by beginners and professional users. Users can enjoy both video and audio files with the assistance of the free XVID player. This free software includes a play list which can be opened by the users to add files. The program showcases a “Plus” icon which can be used to add more files to the play list. It also includes a “Minus” icon which helps to delete the files placed on the play list. The program also allows users to import files into the play list by clicking on an icon which appears similar to a folder. It is quite easy to use and control the free XVID player. Users can easily play the file, placed on the play list, by clicking on it. The program also includes a drag and drop option which is an added advantage. The free XVID player includes various other features such as ability to resume to the original position from where the file was last stopped, high quality play back, XVID codec pack, superior ability to scan the computer for playable and compatible files. The program can be controlled with an external controller. Users can also add movie files by specifying the directories. The free XVID player also features zooming option, displaying movie in full screen and windows. The movies can also be auto-played by the play list with the help of this software program. The free XVID player guarantees high quality pictures and music while playing music and video files. It is one of the most commendable media players which can be downloaded freely.Download