Free Xlsx Viewer

XLSX files, also known as spreadsheets, are very important for all those professionals who deal with reports, mathematical calculations and tabulating data. In order to view any such files without the need for MS Office, the Free XLSX Viewer should be downloaded. It lets users open and view them without any intermittence and is a very powerful tool. There are number of other features which make it one of the better known ones. Firstly, it is completely free of cost. It can be downloaded by anyone who has a laptop or a desktop that runs on Windows OS. There are no trial versions of this tool. Secondly, it is a light weight tool that does not eat up the disk space. Therefore, the speed of the device being used is not affected in any way. Thirdly, the Free XLSX Viewer comes with a straight forward interface. Even someone who is using the software for the first time will not come across any glitches. Another advantage is the ease with which it can be operated. All it takes is just a few clicks and users can access their files immediately. Another significant benefit is that it also lets them view any damaged files. The app has been enabled to open multiple files at one go. Therefore, users can use different tabs for each of them and compare the data easily, if need be. Filtering the content in the files is also possible with the Free XLSX Viewer. There are some basic editing functions available which are all laid out in a clear manner of the main menu itself. Users do not have to waste any time in searching for the same. It supports XLS files as well and hence, can be termed a comprehensive tool. This app is indeed commendable.