As the name suggests, the Free WMA to WAV Converter is software that allows users to convert their audio files from WMA to WAV. There can be many reasons for the same. Predominant amongst those are compatibility and quality issues. There are certain platforms which support only a few audio formats. WAV files are known for their high quality and hence, there are many users who prefer them over others. Coming back to the software, it is absolutely free of cost. Anyone who has such a requirement can download it onto a device that runs on Windows OS. It is fully functional and there are no trial versions of the same. Once it has been downloaded, it can be used immediately as there are no additional apps required. The Free WMA to WAV Converter is a light weight tool that is clean and safe. The absence of any viruses makes it one of the better known products. After the installation, users need to browse through their folders and add the files that need converting. If a folder has all the relevant files, the same can be added onto the list. At any point in time, they can add, remove some or remove all items from the queue. There is even an option to set the conversion order. Details of the files such as path, size, etc, will help users make the selection in a better way. With the batch conversion mode, all the items can be converted in one go. The Free WMA to WAV Converter even has several customisation options with which the output can be enhanced effortlessly. If the ‘auto shutdown’ option is checked, the computer will automatically shut down once the conversion is completed. This way, users can save power as well.