Free Webpage to PDF Converter

There are many websites that contain information which needs to be distributed amongst others for various purposes. Since PDF is the most popular file types of all, it makes sense to convert the content to the same and use it as desire d. In order to accomplish this, the Free Webpage to PDF converter is one of the better known solutions. It is a very convenient tool that is simple to use. This functional app has a number of interesting features and has been so designed as to cater to a l arge number of people across the world. Professional users as well as novices can comprehend the software in the first instance. There are no nag screens and system crashes during either the download or the conversion. It is a very clean app that does what it has been designed for, effectively. The fact that it can be had for free is also another deal maker. There is no Trojan during the installation which might affect the security of the device being used. The Free Webpage to PDF converter does not need an y additional specifications like Adobe Acrobat in order to get the job done. It is a standalone tool that supports any device that runs on Windows OS. The content on the webpage can be in HTML, XML and text. This comprehensive tool has a batch conversion m ode which saves a lot of time and effort. Users can just add the URLs or drag and drop the content that needs to be converted in one go. There is no need to do it one after the other. Users can even customize the output to suit their requirements. Be it ad ding watermarks or passwords, everything can be achieved in just a couple of minutes with the Free Webpage to PDF converter.