Free Web to PDF Converter

Converting web pages to PDF and using the same for printing purposes can be quite a daunting task in the absence of the right tool. However, the Free Web to PDF converter has made it very simple and is apt to be used by anyone. Apart from professionals, this tool can be used by novices as well without any issues . It is a very handy tool that has a host of interesting features which add up to the whole package. As the name suggests, it is free of cost. Users do not have to pay a penny in ord er to make the most of this software. It can be downloaded onto any device that runs on Windows OS. There is no need for any additional apps to be downloaded. The Free Web to PDF converter is a standalone app that is very flexible. Users would just need a few clicks in order to create professional looking PDF files in no time. Though it is powerful, it requires low to moderate amount of system resources and is free from any malware. Once it is initiated, users have a choice to add files or just input the UR L in the interface. Since this tool supports batch conversion, any number of files can be added in one go and converted simultaneously. Users can even choose to add complete folders to the list. They can, at any point in time, add more, remove some or remo ve all of them as per their requirement s. The Free Web to PDF has a �help� file as well in case users get stuck at any stage, which is very rare. The output folder can be customized and once the conversion is complete, they can even access the files from t he interface itself. This tool is impressiveDownload