AMR is a format that is predominantly used to store small recordings and speech files on mobile phones. A number of such devices support this file type. In order to play WAV files on the go, the Free WAV to AMR Converter is an ideal choice. It can be used for personal as well as professional purposes. The resultant files are compressed and there is no loss is quality also. As the name indicates, there is no cost involved. It is absolutely free of cost. Anyone who has a device that runs on Windows OS can download it within no time. The file size of the app is very small. There is an absence of spyware in it and hence, it is safe. Any adware can be unchecked during the course of the download. The ease with which the conversion process can be completed is yet another benefit. All it takes is a few clicks and the Free WAV to AMR Converter does its job effectively. There are no complex settings and it has a straight forward interface. Anyone can comprehend it in the first instance. Like with other similar converter tools, this one comes with the batch conversion mode. Users can upload any number of files to be converted in one go. The size of the output can be modified. If there are any portions which need to be removed, the same can be done effortlessly before the conversion. The volume can be controlled and so can the frequency. It even allows users to change the channel modes and the bitrate. The Free WAV to AMR Converter has a progress bar for each of the file being converted. It helps users plan their work accordingly and even opt for the ‘auto shutdown’ option when required.