When it comes to video files, AVI is one of the most popular formats, thanks to its compatibility with various formats. VOB is a container for DVD and CD content and therefore, its compatibility is restricted when it comes to multimedia players. The Free VOB to AVI Converter allows users to change their VOB files to AVI, so that they can be played on several portable devices and mobile phones. The software comes with a host of benefits which makes it one of the better known products in the internet database. It is absolutely free of cost. The users need not fear any hidden charges or subscriptions for using the same. Normally, the quality of VOB files is better than those of AVI. However, with this Free VOB to AVI Converter, there is no loss in the same. In fact, users can improve the quality of the files and watch them in HD as well. The conversion process does not involve any complex steps. Once the tool has been downloaded and installed onto the system, it just takes a few minutes to start the process. The first thing users need to do is to click on the ‘Add files’ button. They can browse through the folders and add all the VOB files that need converting. When this is done, they can set the order of conversion depending on individual priorities. Some videos may be required on an urgent basis and some can be deferred for later. The Free VOB to AVI Converter then allows users to modify the audio and video parameters using the advanced settings. Upon the confirmation of the output folder, they need to finally press on ‘convert’ for the job to be accomplished. The AVI files can be cropped, rotated, merged and resized for further customisation.