Free Visio Viewer

The Free Visio Viewer is a software app that offers simple solutions to open and print Visio documents. This free app is one of the best ways to view Visio files on the computer. The Free Visio Viewer allows the users to enlarge the file and view the chart. The diagram can also be zoomed to obtain a clearer view. Users can also explore the properties of each shape with the display settings. This software app displays images clearly and precisely. The menu option of this free software program features Fit All or Width, Pan and Zoom, Mirror and Rotate. This Free software app is the best option to view Visio files without Microsoft Visio. It is standalone software which can view high quality Visio files from Visio Document files. Furthermore, this freeware app can open, view and print the documents at high speed. The Free Visio Viewer supports various languages such as German, English, French, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Italian. It allows users to view the Visio drawings with a simple double-click on the drawing. As the Visio Viewer is only a simple tool to view the files, none of the other tools such as panes, rulers and stencils are supported by the program. The software app supports no editing actions and therefore users need to utilize additional tools for modification of charts and diagrams. Users can run the Visio Viewer as a desktop application in Windows. The program allows users to utilize the internet to print the Visio files. The software includes keyboard shortcuts and tool bars which can pan and zoom the drawings. Users can select any shape or view the properties of the shape by clicking the “Properties” option. The Free Visio Viewer is relatively easy to install and use.