Free Sticky Notes

>The Free Sticky Notes is a simple and straightforward program which is designed to create many sticky notes which can be added to the desktop. The program offers a large number of options to the users. Users can easily alter the font size, color, size, transparency and frame size and so forth with the use of this software tool. Each and every sticky note is customizable with a variety of options to change the font and color of the notes easily and quickly. The main window of the software program includes a detailed list of the different created notes. The user interface of the program also includes various buttons which allow the users to refresh the screen, display, hide and print the documents. Users can easily upload any image, change the background color of the image and alter the alignment and settings of the paragraphs. This software program also includes a reminder tool which can be set accordingly. The Free Sticky Notes software app is a handy tool for all purposes. Users can easily create and edit desktop sticky notes with different types of fonts and colors. The program also allows the users to import and export sticky notes from one database to another easily and quickly. The program supports a lock command which prevents editing and deleting sticky notes from the computer. The default settings of the program can be altered and customized. The title, body and the size of the notes can be customized easily. Users can easily change the position of the sticky note on the screen quite easily with this software tool. This program supports drag and drop feature. The Free Sticky Notes software program is an ideal tool that facilitates users to write down thoughts and ideas. The program also allows users to print the sticky notes.