Free Solitaire

What is solitaire game?

Solitaire is a card game for one person in which you move the piece around on abord.

The mission of this game is that to have one piece at the end of game.

You can see challenges, crowns, and current status are available at any time. You can play the solitaire game on Apple Watch and can replay it as many times. You can play with yourself or others in real-time. Solitaire can handle the multiplayer players so that they challenge each other and compete at any time. You can choose friends to play the solitaire or testing your solitaire strategy in case of a random player.

It does not mean of solitaire that the play has to solitary. The Winning Deals feature invents a game and decides that has at least one winning solution should be available.

The solitaire is the best game that is available in the apple game center and you can check game center leaderboards for the top players who have solitaire skills. You are playing the games on your computer for a long time. The solitaire game is playing in all countries and is available in the best form for each apple device. You can enjoy it very much so, you should download it today.


  • It has message stickers and them packs
  • Many players can play this together
  • It has game Centre leaderboards and winning deals are here
  • There 3d Touch in phone menu is available
  • When there is a problem in the game then data is saved automatically.
  • There are many undo in the solitaire game.
  • You can see a daily challenge
  • It has jeweled crowns and trophy status
  • It is completely free and you can get eight different best solo card games at a low price.


  • It is the most popular and best Microsoft game.
  • You should forget the al past sadness because all decks can be solved mow.
  • Various cards and background are here


  • A file that has 1354 MB might obstruct many operating systems.
  • There is not any updated version of solitaire to play.
  • Ads can be interfering