Free RMVB to MP4 Converter

The Free RMVB To MP4 Converter is very useful for users who wish to enjoy their music, videos and movies on multiple devices. The RMVB file extension is for the files that are designed specially to be played on Windows Real Player. These files, are not supported on all devices. The Free RMVB To MP4 Converter is easily understood. Users who are not familiar to computers can also use it easily. To start with, users should identify which rmvb files they wast to convert to mp4. Once done, userc can click on the Input icon on the Free RMVB To MP4 Converter. This will enable the selected files to be uploaded on the converter. If there is a video or movie that a user wants to watch immediately, they can select that file first and process the others after that. If there is a video that will be viewed only on a small screen mobile or if memory space is low, users can opt to change the resolution of the output file. The Free RMVB To MP4 Converter also sports the feature of being able to watch a video while the conversion takes place. Another interesting feature is that when multiple files need to be converted, users can select all of them at the same time and not have to wait to select one after the other. The Free RMVB To MP4 Converter does not take a long time to convert files, however, the time taken depends upon the number of files, the resolution of the videos and also the duration of the videos or movies. If the user decides not to convert one particular file out of many, the Free RMVB To MP4 Converter allows them to do without cancelling the processing of other files. All in all, the Free RMVB To MP4 Converter is a one-stop solution