Free PDF to PS Converter

A PS or postscript file is used to contain images and text and is a part of the Adobe language. Though it is not such a popular format, it is a fact that there are many users who still have many reasons to convert their PDF documents to the PS format. In order to accomplish the same, the Free PDF to PS converter can be considered. It does not require any Adobe apps to get the job done and is very simple to use. There are a number of useful features which makes this tool very effective. It is free of cost and hence, users can make the most of it for as long as there is a need. The software can be installed onto any device that runs on Windows OS, notwithstanding the version. It is free from any malware and adware and hence, does not affect the speed and performance of the device it is downloaded onto. Being a light weight tool, it does not need much of disk space either. The Free PDF to PS converter supports batch conversion. A number of files can be added onto the software and converted simult aneously, thus saving a lot of time and effort on the part of the user. It has been designed to support password protected PDF files as well. There are no complex settings which might confuse the novice users. The user interface is straight forward and has a layout that can be comprehended without any hitches. Once the conversion process is complete, it lets users open the output folder from the interface itself. There is a progress bar as well which makes it even more convenient for users to manage the con version. The Free PDF to PS converter is indeed quite commendable