Free PDF to Powerpoint Converter

PDF formatted documents and files are unique and ideal, mostly because they can�t be altered. This makes it easier for one to trust the contents of a document even if it has been through a few hands. The only problem present is that one needs to have an adobe reader in order to access or read the contents of a document. People with a PDF to PowerPoint converter need not despair even if they don�t have an Adobe reader simply because they can convert PDF to PPT using it. This should enable the gain full and complete access to the document with the option of altering its content. The notable feature that s quite appealing to first time user is its clarity. The necessary buttons are clearly displayed in colored buttons, which make them more legible. This is something that isn�t common in other softwares where essential buttons such as �Convert� are hidden among unnecessary multicolored graphics on the interface. This can lead to frustration as one finds it difficult to operate and use. On the other hand, this free PDF to PPT converter offers you totally different experience to that. It�s designed to suit users who are looking to convert PDF to PPT without any hassle. Options include adding files, removing selected files and deleting all the files chosen for conversion. The software enables the user to get a detailed insight of the process.