Free PDF Splitter

Free PDF Splitter is a desktop utility program that allows the device to split PDF files of large sizes into a personality PDF file of different entities. This makes it easier and faster to access these files and make any changes in the same. The PDF Splitter also enables the user to view such files on a number of platforms that support the PDF format. The aim of the Free PDF Splitter is to help manage a large PDF file that has been encrypted in order to decrease the time taken for the same and increase the performance of the system. Furthermore, the user is able to split a single file in a number of ways as per the requirement. Similar files can be placed together so that the accessibility improves a great deal. It is an independent program and once the Free PDF Splitter is downloaded, the files are automatically split. A large number of files can be split in one go and this is an added advantage. The Splitter also enables the user to customise files or PDF pages by a number of functions such as �Add�, �Delete�, etc. The PDF file can be saved as a single page or multiple ones, whichever is feasible to the user. The Free PDF splitter can be downloaded very easy and can be installed on a number of different devices. The process of splitting is also very simple. The first step is to �Select Input File�. This is the PDF file that needs to be split. The second step is to choose the split method. In this step, the user decides the page range of the split. This is to separate the split PDF files. The last step involves the selection of the �Output Directory� and click on the �Split� button.Download