Free PDF Compressor

Free PDF Compressor, needless to say, is a software program that will come in really handy and useful for every user. All manuals and documents with a lot of information and descriptive drawings are inevitably in a pdf format. The file size, however, is the cause for concern. It is slow to download, slow to open and slow to load images. Free PDF Compressor is the easiest solution! First, it is fast. It can also process multiple pdf documents at the same time, so it is hassle free for the user. The user interface is user friendly and detailed at the same time. It gives the user an idea of how many pdf files are being processed and the individual status of each file. Free PDF Compressor also has the option to cancel processing of any one pdf file without disturbing any other files, if the processing is being done on multiple files at the same time. Free PDF Compressor can give respite from many a concern for the user. Let�s say one has to send some large files as attachments in an email. The amount of time to load these files as attachments would be too long. If the user were to compress these files using the Free PDF Compressor before loading them as attachments, it would reduce the time to a great extent. This will benefit both the sender and the receiver. What�s more, it also makes it all the more convenient for the user to view the pdf file in a mobile phone later on. Free PDF Compressor is a must have tool! While Free PDF Compressor compresses pdf files and reduces the size of the file to a great extent, it does so without compromising on the quality of the output files. The quality of the input file and the output file are the same.Download