Free Number Generator

The free number generator is one of the most useful software applications that generate a random number with specific characteristics. This free software application can be used in different situations for various purposes. Random number generator finds its application in various areas which require an unpredictable result such as computer simulation, gambling, cryptography and randomized designs. The font style of this software program can be altered according to the desires of the users. The users can also program the app to generate a number based on the number of digits. The software program also provides options wherein the users can specify a range for a number to be generated. Another excellent feature of the Free Number Generator app is that the users can save a list of random numbers in a single line format in a text file. This free software app features excellent performance and high speed. It also exhibits excellent functionality and it is an ideal choice for users who work with random numbers. The free number generator features a simplistic application and therefore it is quite easy to use. High speed random number generation is another important feature of the Free Number Generator software application. The random numbers are generated on the basis of the number of digits or interval definition. The software application allows the generation of a list of random numbers according to the number of records. It can then be saved to a txt file. This free application also allows the users to change the color and style of the fonts used in the program. Apart from the simplicity of usage, the Free Number Generator program is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows.