Sometimes, it is preferable to watch movies and video clips on devices such as tabs, laptops and PCs. There are a few file types that can be played on such devices and MKV is one of them. Though MPEG is a popular format, the quality of such files is lossy and hence, users prefer MKV over the former. In all such circumstances, the Free MPEG to MKV Converter is an apt solution. It works quite fast and is quite a functional tool. Though it is a light weight file, the quality of the MKV files is very impressive even after conversion. In some cases, it is even better than that of the source. The fact that even novices can comprehend the software in the first instance is also an attractive feature. Since the user interface is straight forward, even the most advanced settings can be accomplished with the help of a few clicks. The Free MPEG to MKV Converter enables users to convert several files at one instance. This saves time and users will have all their MKV files simultaneously. The tool does not need them to subscribe for any updates and there are no hidden charges. Once it is downloaded and installed onto the user’s system, it can be used for any number of times. Apart from the default settings, there are several advanced options which can be used for a better viewing experience. The preview window allows users to make any changes to the quality of the file so as to customise them. With the Free MPEG to MKV Converter, they can also use the auto shut down feature for their benefit. When this option is clicked, the system automatically shuts down after the conversion process is completed. With all these features, this freeware is highly recommended.