Flash files are popular because of the ease with which they can be uploaded onto the internet and watched on various websites. The Free MPEG to FLV Converter converts MPEG files of any extension to FLV in a very fast and convenient manner. Apart from this format, the tool also supports AVI, SWF, MP4, WMA and OGG, to name a few. It can be downloaded onto any systems that work on Windows OS. The output videos are of high quality and anyone can use the software without any glitches. There are a number of useful features which make the tool even more popular. The first one is the straight forward user interface. Even a novice can convert files easily as there are no complex settings in the tool. Once the files are added onto the Free MPEG to FLV Converter, they can all be converted in a batch instead of doing it individually. The audio and video parameters can be modified as per the users’ requirements. Some of these are the resolution, bit rate, frame rate, video size, etc. The software comes with a preview window which enables users to check the audio and video of the FLV files. Should they wish for any modifications, the same can be implemented before pressing ‘Convert now’. Though several files are being converted at once, there is a separate progress bar for each one of them. Users can even remove files from the queue so as to defer them for later. The Free MPEG to FLV Converter is ideal for watching flash movies effortlessly. Any of the functions can be achieved with just a few clicks. So, all those users who are looking for an efficient tool can download this converter and use it for their benefit.