The Free MP4 to FLV Converter is a very handy and functional tool, when it comes to converting MP4 files to FLV. MP4 files, as is common knowledge, are compressed and lossy formats. They are very popular in downloads and video streaming, also for mobile phones and other portable devices. FLV files, on the other files, are lossless formats. They are file formats created by Adobe, and the output quality and streaming speed is one of a kind. An example is the flash file. The Free MP4 to FLV Converter is easy to use, even for those who are not familiar with computers and software. It comes with a host of advantages. One great advantage is that users need to load one file after another in this converter; all the files can be added at once. The speed of conversion is another advantage. Even when there are multiple files being converted at the same time, the converter does not take a long time to convert the files. Also, this converter is totally free, and can be downloaded without any add on. It is not a limited time free trial; users can download this and continue using it. It also sports no hidden charges like many other software programs. There is no subscription or personal details required. It is a tool with an extremely user friendly interface, and yet is highly functional. Users only need to select the files that they wish to convert, upload them on the converter, then select the order of conversion and click on convert now. Depending on the number of files and the file size, conversion can take from a few seconds to a maximum of a few minutes. The users also have the option to change the output folder and the output resolution.