All those users who have a number of Windows OS devices would want their audio files in the WMA (Windows Media Audio) format rather than MP3. For such requirements, the Free MP3 to WMA Converter is an ideal choice of software. It is apt for personal as well as professional purposes as the quality is kept intact during the conversion. There is no loss in this regard. In fact, users can further enhance the listening experience by using the advanced options. The tool is completely free of cost. There is no need to pay anything during or after the download. It can be installed onto any Windows OS device. This flexible app is light weight and does not eat up the disk space either. It is clean without any malware. Once the freeware is installed, it can be used immediately. The first step in the Free MP3 to WMA Converter is to browse through the folders and add the MP3 files onto the conversion list. Users can even include complete folders in the queue. The order of conversion can be set by moving items up and down the list. There is an interesting feature in the app which lets users convert any number of files simultaneously. It is called the batch conversion mode. Depending on the number and the size of individual files, the time taken for the process varies. However, the tool is known for its speed and efficiency. As mentioned, there are many customisation options available for users. The volume can be increased or decreased, the size of the files can be modified by removing portions from them or merging them together, the channel modes can be changed, etc. The Free MP3 to WMA Converter even has a preview window with which all these modifications become easier.