We cannot decide which format is greater over which one among these two since both of them are equally in necessity in different fields. MOV file format is used to load videos in your pc whereas VOB format is used to load DVDs in your portable devices. VOB is mostly necessary in case we need to load files in iPad, iPod or the other similar devices. Thus conversion is the option that is chosen. Finding an application which would do this job for you is easy but finding a suitable one is hard. In fact the ones you find will be either of poor quality of come for a price. This application is both free of cost and has supreme quality. This application in designed in such a fashion that anyone can use it without a hitch. The user interface is very friendly and easy to understand. The buttons are bigger and the icons are lesser. We have not included any unnecessary utilities thus reducing the chance of getting confused. Apart from being very amiable, it also has many benefits. It includes features which are not commonly found in any other free software used for this purpose. The steps to be followed to carry out the conversion are very simple. The file or files which need to be converted is chosen from your folders. Even an entire folder can be chosen all at once using the option “select files”. Once it is done, the destination where the product after conversion is desired to be placed is selected. These two processes are the only ones where you need to do any work at all. After they are done, the conversion can be started in few clicks. This tool is also faster in conversion than any other.