Free Mkv Splitter

As the name implies, this is a tool using for splitting of MKV files. It is a very simple tool and it can be handled even by a novice. This tool is free which adds to its appeal. Since it is free, there is no loss in trying. Even after paying a price for tools of this kind, a satisfactory result is not found. Its operation is very simple. Though there is no drag and drop, video files could be imported using file browser. There is a built in video player using which the file could be previewed. Once done, the cutting process can start. All you have to do is arrange the slider such that both ends of it mark the beginning and ending of the section to be cut. Before starting the cutting process, the destination folder needs to be selected. Then the cutting starts. Sadly, multiple-cutting facility is not provided in this tool. Thus it must be done one by one. This tool takes very low amount of system resources. And it is light tool which does not consume much space in the system and does not slow down or hamper the operations of other applications running simultaneously. This is a very convenient application for video trimming. Also, apart from the above mentioned benefits, the quality received after the operation, is great and the picture and sound quality is very close to that of the original file. This feature is hard to find in most of the other similar tools. This tool allows you to work on files of any size without limitation and allows you to capture as many segments as you want from the chosen file. There are parameters that can be set accordingly to get the desired output.